Type of services provided

  • 3D CAD mechanical engineering
  • Finite-element analysing of assemblies and components
  • Generative design (load-based shape optimization)
  • Research, development
  • Technical support
  • Installation services of machinery and equipment
  • General and automotive special purpose machines, production lines
  • Robotic cells, robotic clamps, additional equipments
  • Assembly, mechanic, welder, robotic welder and control devices
  • Ultrasonic and waterjet washing machines
  • Lightweight standard and ESD conveyor belts
  • Heavy-duty mining, building conveyors, elevators
  • Special, two-way, rotary feeder and food industry conveyor belts
  • Driven, bi-directional, centering and positioning special roller conveyors
  • Environmental equipments, selecting conveyor belts, selecting drums
  • Conveyor belt segment and rotary brush cleaners
  • Storage cabinets with ESD-rollers
  • Steel constructions, platforms

Research infrastructure/service category

  • Fujitsu CAD workstation
  • HP A1+ plotter
  • Solid Edge Premium 3D design and simulation software


Our Address:

Zöldfa út 38. Bátonyterenye H-3070 Nográd


47.986977, 19.837491

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János Kun


Managing Director

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