Type of services provided

  • Development and production of species rich seed mixes serving the conservation and enhancement of the biodiversity of agricultural areas.
  • Euragro is leading R&D advisory member in a consortium of an EU and National EIP-AGRI innovation project Primary aim: conduct applied research on harmonisation of biodiversity and precision farming Secondary aim: research on supporting wildlife habitat development in farmlands for wild rabbit (hare), phaesant and grey partridge. Tercier aim: research on most suitable plant varieties to support pollinator insects habitat development with possible combination of honey production.
  • Establishment of demonstrartion farm for farmers’ training
  • Pure fruit jam manufacturing (local product)
  • Demonstration and training of fruit jam making
  • Demonstration and training of fresh fruit juice making
  • Traditional fruit palinka distillery
  • Fruit fermentation process
  • 2-phase traditional fruit palinka distillery line

Research infrastructure/service category

  • Precision (smart) farm machinery: sowing machine, fertilizer sprayer and pesticide sprayers
  • Self-driven, satellite/GPS controlled tractors
  • Optical seed selection equipment
  • Digital land planning softwares
  • Fluid fruit washing unit
  • Gas heated double wall 200 liter capacity fruit cooking vessels (2)
  • Gas heated 400 lit autoclave multipurpose unit (suitable for slow cooling of glass dispensed fruit marmalade.
  • Rotational fruit drying chamber
  • Dry matter analisator (drying cabinet)
  • Fruit jam manufacturing unit, 320 sq. Meter
  • Fruit jam product store, 40 sq
  • Fresh fruit juice press line
  • Fruit treshing (fine fruit mill)
  • Hydripress, 90 liter capacity
  • 175 literes pasztőrtartály
  • 250 literes pasztőrtartály
  • Fruit palinka distillery plant, 80 sq m
  • Fruit fermentation reception and storage area 160 sq m
  • Distillery wessel, 400 lit capacity
  • Palinka fine distillery wessel, 160 lit kapacity
  • Fruit alcohol measuring equipment


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