Type of services provided

  • Observation of structure and substructure of solid state matter
  • Selected experiments of electron diffraction
  • Analysis and interpretation of sample images
  • Analysis and interpretation of diffraction data
  • Preparation of sample for electron microscopy

Research infrastructure/service category

  • Transmission electron microscope JEOL 2100F UHR with operating acceleration voltage in range 80 – 200kV. The point resolution is 0.19 nm and information limit 0.09 nm. The microscope provide imaging
  • of solid matter in real and reciprocal space in several modes.
    EDS detector Oxford Instruments Xmax80 – XRD spectrometer, enables determination of chemical composition of transmission electron microscopy samples. It´s energy resolution is 127 eV. EDS detector is integrated into microscope body.
  • One-axis high-tilt holder JEOL – serve as sample holder for tomographic data collection. Angle range is +/- 60°.
  • Rotational holder JEOL – serve as sample holder and provide rotation of sample around optical axis around all 360°.
  • Double-tilt holder JEOL – serve as sample holder with possibility of tilting around X and Y axes within range +/- 26°.
  • Plasma Cleaner Fischione M1020 – used for plasma cleaning of samples dedicated for transmission electron microscopy.
  • Ion milling system JEOL Ion Slicer EM09100 – used for final thinning of transmission electron microscopy samples by Ar-ion beam.
  • Sputtering system Quorum Q150R ES – Carbon or Gold coating system suited for transmission and scanning electron microscopy samples.


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