Type of services provided

  • Evaluation of biofuels quality (calorific value, moisture, combustion heat, ash content, granulometric analysis)
  • Advisory and education activities in the field of integrated harvesting and transport technologies in forestry, Cable Cranes in Forestry
  • Elaboration of marketing analysis for timber trade
  • phone and computer supported surveys
  • measurement of nanomechanical properties of plant cell walls
  • almost 20 000 specimen of vascular plants
  • DNA fragment analysis and Sanger sequencing
  • wildlife forensic analyses and forensic analyses of forest tree species
  • measurement of assimilation rate and transpiration rate, evaluation of water use efficiency of plants
  • measurement of the efficiency of light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis: screening of stress-resistant genotypes or species

Research infrastructure/service category

  • Patents and inventions (list of patents available on:
  • CATI sytem for public opinion survey or marketing analysis
  • atomic force microscope MultiMode8
  • scientyphic botanical herbarium
  • genetic analyser ABI PRISM 3130
  • gas exchange system Li6400XT
  • fluorimeter Handy PEA
  • fluorimeter Walz PAM-2500


Our Address:

T.G. Masaryka 24, 960 53 Zvolen


48.572605661974, 19.117559375441

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Contact person


Jaroslav Ďurkovič, doc. Dr. Mgr.



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+421 455 206 233