Type of services provided

  • Evaluation of wood surface aging
  • Assessment of physical, mechanical and technological properties of wood and wood composites
  • Identification of the degradation degree in microstructure of wood
  • Type identification of woods based on the microscopic structure of the braids
  • Consultancy in the field of drying and hydrothermal treatment of wood + quality assessment
  • Designs of new objects and reconstructions of raw materials warehouses, cuttings and cutouts
  • Advice on assessing the properties of raw wood, sawmill products and efficiency assessment of the sawmill production
  • Consultancy in the field of technology of composite wood materials
  • Experts in the field of veneers, plywood, particleboard and fiberboard
  • Development of new wood-based design and decoration materials
  • Determination of thermophysical properties of low-conductivity materials
  • Projects and tests for wood protection against rot, mold, insects and weathering according to current EN
  • Identification of biological and abiotic damage of wooden constructions with reconstruction designs
  • Consultancy in the field of furniture constructions and furniture joints
  • Static calculations of furniture structures
  • Advice on surface treatment of wood and wood composites
  • Determination of surface treatment properties
  • Advice in the field of preparation, packaging and furniture manufacturing technology
  • Determination of content and emission of formaldehyde from wood products
  • Determination of physical-mechanical properties of glued materials
  • Chemical composition of biomass and chromatographic analysis of individual components (HPLC)
  • Identification and determination of volatile organic compounds by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
  • Determination of structural characteristics of selected polymers (SEC and FTIR) and dimensional characteristics of natural fibers (Fiber Tester)
  • Determination of the energy characteristics of flammable substances
  • Advice on cellulose and paper technology
  • Consultancy in the field of CNC woodworking machines
  • Consultancy in the field of project preparation for CNC machining centers
  • Consultancy in the field of maintenance of woodworking tools
  • Expertise and testimonials for the design and static dimensioning of wooden structures
  • Advising for energy passive and zero wood houses
  • Consultancy for constructional products – windows, doors, stairs
  • Advice on joints of wooden construction structures
  • Advice for introducing Eurocodes in DK dimensioning
  • Poradenstvo pre kvalitu dreva pre stavebné konštrukcie
  • Technology of production of building materials and wooden construction structures
  • Thermal analysis of buildings
  • Air-tightness measurement “blower-door testing”
  • Thermal Protection Calculations – Project Assessment of Energy Efficiency
  • Sizing fragments of building envelope
  • Acoustic measurements and analysis of buildings and structures
  • Research and development of new product design
  • Innovation of an existing design. (studies and prototypes of future directions)
  • Solution of interiors and exteriors, new resp. revitalizing existing ones
  • Performing training in the field of fire protection
  • Professional advice on fire protection and safety and on occupational safety and health
  • Consultancy in the field of creation of fire brigade units in the founding competence of self-government
  • Consultancy in the area of civilian protection certificate for civilian protection
  • Consultation on the elaboration and updating of the plan for the protection of the population
  • Consultation activities in the area of updating plans for the protection of employees and persons under care
  • Education activities in the field of civil protection
  • Advice on managing innovative activities and innovative analyzes
  • Identification of tropical woods listed on the CITES list
  • Business program design with correct ethics implementation
  • Customer feedback
  • Design and implementation of market research
  • Advice on creating a segmented market offer
  • Marketing strategy consultancy, its components: the company’s communication, product, pricing and distribution policy
  • Environmental strategy of the company
  • Market analysis- customers, competition
  • Consulting in the area of project management
  • Consulting and preparation of business process optimization projects
  • Advice on the preparation, evaluation of business, investment projects of enterprises
  • Economic, tax and financial advice
  • Building and creation of controlling information systems

Research infrastructure/service category

  • Vibrational spherical mill with accessories
  • Spectrofotometer Nanondrop ND 1000
  • Calorimeter
  • Sylvatest Duo Technology (used to determine elasticity of wood)
  • Stereomicroscope LEICA MZ 9,5
  • Industrial hydrolic press
  • Laser profilemeter+ HAL lighting
  • Spectrophotometer Libra S 11
  • Device used to measure surface roughness Surfcom 130 A
  • Vacuum dryer Memm VO-type 400
  • Timber grader MTG
  • System for determination of colour and gloss deviation
  • Steam humidifier including regulation and accessories
  • PC 8/RC6 device for vacuum creation
  • Torquemeter
  • Incubator Memmert INB 200
  • Moisturising chamber HCP 108
  • Resistancemeter IML RESI F 4000
  • Mikrotom Leica RM 2255
  • Climatised chamber KBF 720
  • Demineralization device RODEM 6/DX
  • Calorimeter IKA C 5000
  • Calorimeter IKA C 200 with accessories
  • Light microscope NIKON ECLIPSE 50i
  • CNC miller
  • CNC lathe
  • Xenotest- device for sun radiation simulation
  • Pull test machine
  • Set of analytical sieves
  • Sputter coater K650X with large chamber
  • Gas chromatograf with GC-MS
  • Autoclave – steam sterilizer
  • IWA 3- device for production of demineralized water
  • Device for measuring of conditions while drilling
  • Dryer for critical value with accessories
  • CNC robot with accessories and software
  • Laboratory inpregnation device with accessories
  • Optical device for observation of wood defrmation
  • Aparatus for measuring of tool strenght
  • Station for demineralisation GORO AQUA 65
  • Chamber for sun radiation simulation Q- SUN Xe 3HS
  • Autocalve Systec DB23
  • Fluorecent microscope Leica DM4000 B
  • Atomic force microscope for optical microscope
  • Grinding Mill POLYMIX® System PX-MFC 90 D
  • Planetary mill- with two holders and accessories
  • ViscoTester VT2 plus- rotational viskosimeter HAAKE
  • Analysator VA-3011 for CO2, CH4 measuring
  • Muffle furnace LH 15/13, regulator HT40 with accessories
  • Ultrasonic Timer with accessories
  • Atomic force microscope for optical microscope
  • AT PosiTest AT Pull-Off Adhesion-Tester
  • Spektrofotometer 4201/50
  • Mikroscope Olympus BX43F
  • EDPS device for measuring of thermophysical chracteristics
  • PILODYN (for wood density measuring)
  • Device for heat flow measuring
  • Device for building airtightness testing
  • Data recorder Woehler CDL 210/CO2, temperature, humidity
  • set of digital analysers of CO2
  • Cellulose separator
  • Laborota 4000 vacuum rotational vaporizer
  • Fumes analyser testo 300M with accesorries
  • PH-METER HI 9017
  • RI -Spektr. DETEKTOR L-7490
  • Polarimeter P 1000 with sodium lamp
  • Spectrophotometer FTIR + soft. + accessories
  • LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPH with accessories
  • CrushlRDigital Hydrau digital press
  • Refractive Index Detector RID for Agilent 1200
  • 1260 Series ELS Detector of light spread
  • Dispersant
  • Homogenizer
  • pH-meter InoLab pH 7110
  • Fractional engine
  • Laboratory refiner
  • Hot air sterilizer HSV
  • Laboratory device for wood pulp drier
  • Rotational viscosimeter
  • Crusher FISCHER
  • Microbiological incubator Mommert INE500
  • Universal handheld shinemeter BYK Gardner E 4430
  • Tech Z 5 CNC centrum – 5 axes
  • Analytical sieving machine AS
  • Laser profilemeter + HAL lighting
  • Software for measunign of acoustic properties of materials DIRAC
  • Software 2270 for analytics via resonnace BZ-7223
  • HIRO 205 water aerosol
  • Apparatus for the reaction to fire test
  • Smoke density detector
  • Explosion chamber type VK100
  • Bruel & Kjaer 4206 Impedance tube
  • LaserPoint LP01 Laser vibrometer
  • Flammability test apparatus for Class E


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