Type of services provided

  • Loading tests of load bearing structures
  • Displacement and stress measurement of load bearing members
  • Purpose of creation of 3D models
  • Determination of granularity of coarse-grained and fine-grained materials.
  • Determination of size and distribution of particle size of powder materials used in construction, sediment, sludge and other particulate materials
  • Measurement of ionizing radiation of building materials
  • Uniform decomposition of hard-to-decompose rigid samples of building and other materials with the possibility of single-stage as well as multi-stage decomposition at temperatures up to 300°C
  • Monitoring of toxic gases, oxygen and flammable gases for workers in hazardous environments
  • Measurement of cohesion strength
  • Preparation of powders
  • Determination of cement solidification time
  • Determination of compressive, tensile and transverse strength
  • Determination of frost resistance of materials and resistance to CHRL
  • Measuring the efficiency and performance of heating, cooling, ventilation
  • Testing and detecting the operational efficiency of renewable energy sources (heat pumps of all kinds, solar collectors)
  • Testing of long-term and short-term heat and cold accumulation
  • “Automatic Measurement of Moisture Conductivity and Capillary Moisture Value by One-Dimensional Water Absorption
  • Long-term in-situ measurement of the thermal-humidity behavior of building structures.
  • Measurement of density of building materials by gravimetric method

Determination of water resistance of concrete

Research infrastructure/service category

  • Testing platform – loading frames, actuators Instron and Inova for static and dynamic tests of load bearing structures
  • Universal data acquisition system HBM – measurement of the displacements and stresses of the load bearing structures
  • Adaptive tensegrity systems – response measurement of the tensegrity systems on static and dynamic load
  • Creep tester Instron – cable creep measurement
  • 3D laser scanner FARO Focus X130 3D allows the digitization of existing buildings and environments for the purpose of creation of 3D models in the BIM platform
  • Sound Level Meter
  • System PULSE- Noise, vibration
  • Statistical radar- traffic-ingeneering data
  • Software for traffic plannig PTV VISION
  • Software forsound modellin
  • Particle Size Analyzer, Mastersizer 2000; Malvern Instruments Ltd, UK
  • Surface area analyzer, Quantachrome Nova 1000e
  • Advanced Microwave Digestion Labstation ETHOS 1; MILESTONE
  • Spectrometer SPECTRO IQII; AMETEK
  • Gas Chromatograph 7890A; Agilent
  • Colorimeter DR/890 a DR/2800, HACH LANGE
  • diffractometer Bruker AXS, D2 Phaser
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer –NETZSCH STA 449 F3 Jupiter
  • Radioactivity measuring equipment Empos EMS 1A- SHM
  • Ultra Fast GC Analyzer Z-Nose 4300
  • advanced wireless handheld VOC monitor RAE Systems, Inc. ppbRAE 3000
  • Confined Space MultiGas Detector RAE Systems, Inc. MultiRAE PLUS PGM-50
  • Airborne Particle Counter Graywolf Sensing Solutions Ltd.-Lighthouse HANDHELD 3016
  • luminance meter Konica Minolta-LUMINANCE METER LS-110
  • CO2 meter in ambiant air Testo Inc.- Testo 535
  • sound level meter Testo Inc.- Testo 815
  • Temperatue and Humidity meter Testo Inc.-Testo 601
  • Sampling pump SKC Inc.- AirCheck2000
  • Sound level meter Brüel & Kjaer- Typ 2250
  • Anemometer Testo Inc.- Testo 425
  • Vernon-Jokl sphere thermometer
  • Planetary Ball Mill MTI-SFM-1 and URF Technology- AGO 2
  • Laboratory sieve FRITSCH
  • Compression testing machine Matest-ELE 2000
  • Eqiupment that measures the force required to tear of a outside surface acording to norm EN 1542: 2001
  • Schmidt concrete hardness-meter, using STN 73 1373 methods
  • Scale Radwag- WTC 150C3 150kg max. load
  • Scale Kern 10kg max load.
  • Laboratory crusher
  • Vibrational mill VM 4
  • Concrete mixer
  • Horizontal concrete mixer HMB-75 up to 75l
  • Laboratory cement mixer Matest-E 093
  • Special table for measuting of concrete consistency
  • Vibrational table for packing of concrete in forms
  • Dryer KCB 62/250-200l, max 200°C
  • Permeability tester
  • Comparator of lenght for 40x40x160 mm concrete beams- used for measuring of shortening of different cements
  • Ceramic furnace
  • Automatic Vicat machine
  • Dryer , max. 750 l, max. 200°C
  • Multidirectional testing press Matest (range: 50-3000kN)
  • Schleibinger testing station with accessories
  • Stirolab heat flux meter
  • Wincontrol: Software Almemo plus PPD PMV evaluation software
  • Multi-channel measuring central Almemo 200
  • Portable measuring central Almemo 750 100 channels, 10 ports
  • Portable measuring central Almemo 750 4 ports
  • Digital thermometer Almemo
  • Digital Psychrometer Almemo, measutin temperature and humidity of air
  • Alfameter Almemo
  • Tensiometer: measuring of hydrostatic pressure
  • Termo-anenometer Almemo multi-directional air flow measuring device
  • Psychrometer- Almemo
  • Sensors Almemo for connection to central
  • Thermalvision
  • Measuring set for measuring of hydro and air turbines power
  • Device for measunring of shrot and long term accumulation of heat
  • Smart home- simulation of real condions
  • AWRORA- device prototype foer measuting of capilarity an other aspects of the phenomenon
  • Experimental testing chambers for longterm in-situ measurements of construction behaviour
  • Thermotron 8800 climate chamber for maintaining of temperature from -30°C up to 120 °C
  • Device testing waterproofness of concrete


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