Type of services provided

  • research and protection of the abiotic component of the environment in order to understand the
  • geodynamic processes influencing the composition, structure and development of the Earth
  • search for sources of raw materials, underground and geothermal water
  • search for the cause of landslide and proposing its decontamination
  • monitoring climate change and designing practices and methods for environmental protection

Research infrastructure/service category

  • dating equipment model Risø TL/OSL – DA -20
  • seismic apparatus Terralock Mk 8 with 24 channels
  • geophones SM-4B with frequency 10Hz
  • seismic hammer WSS-100
  • ultrasound Material tester 543 with frequences 1 Mz, 100 kHz and 40 kHZ
  • seismic equipment VMS 2000MP
  • digital 4 channel seismograph UVS 1504
  • polarizing microscope Olympus BX-53 with digital camera Lumenera Infinity-5
  • polarizing microscopes Jenapol
  • polarizing microscopes Amplival
  • binoculars
  • thinsection maker Logitech CL-50
  • RTG derivatograph Chirana – MIKROMETA II


Our Address:

Park Komenského 15, 042 00 Košice, Slovakia


48.7323325, 21.2442544

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Tomáš Pavlík


Head of Project Department FBERG

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