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  • The University of Óbuda has established its organizational unit named Salgótarján Training Centre and Research Place in 2016 which started its first training in Salgótarján in the form of Higher Education Vocational Training (FOKSZ) in a daytime in September 2017, with a 4-semester technical engineering assistant specialization. From September 2018, it starts a 7-semester of undergraduate (BSc) in engineering informatics specialization in a daytime education, and also the FOKSZ training course will be continued with the launch of a new year.

Research infrastructure/service category

  • The real estate in Május 1.str.54., Salgótarján 3100 is in the property management of Óbuda University: after renovation this building will be the headquaerters of SKK. Classrooms, laboratories and other service rooms will be available for education in the building . There will also be a creative learning space, which is open for partner enterprises as well to complete the R+D activity. They will develop research laboratories which also can be available for business organizations.


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Bécsi út/Meredek út 96/B./9. 1034/3100 Budapest/Salgótarján


47.533634683153, 19.035374157992

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