Type of services provided

  • Basic research in the field of continuous erosion of rock mass and investigation of the structural integrity of underground formations and objects, transfer of energy and mass within the rock disintegration process
  • Basic research of solid dispersion formation causes and modification of their properties by physical, mechanical, chemical and biotechnological processes
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of phase interactions in the formation of dispersion systems and their spreading in general and work environments
  • Development of technological processes in the following areas: separation of rocks, complex processing of minerals, monitoring of selected components of the living and working environment and environmental, chemical and geological changes in landfills for environmental revitalization
  • Consulting and expertese services

Research infrastructure/service category

  • Microscope OLYMPUS BX51
  • Fluorescent microscope LEICA DM 6000
  • Optical microscope Nikon Eclypse 400
  • Bioanalyser DNA,RNA and proteins Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100
  • Real-Time PCR (Q-PCR) system Light Cycler 2.0 Roche
  • Analyser for specificities of surfaces and pore size
  • Surface and pore siye analysing device
  • Paramagnetic oxygen analyser PA-10a
  • IR-analysator of CO2 CA-10a
  • Respirometer
  • Gas chromatograf Agilent 7890A with weight detector 5975C
  • Double channaled Ion chromatograf Dionex Ultimate 3000
  • Chromarograf for liquids UHPLCC Dioneex Ultimate 3000
  • Weight spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma ICP-MS Agilent 7700
  • Device for preparation of deionised and ultra clean water for analytical purposes Elga-PureLab-Option + Elga PureLab-Ultra
  • TOC/TNb analysator Vario TOC Cube for simultanious Nitrogen and Carbon measuring
  • CHNS analysator Elementar Vario Macro Cube
  • Scanning electron microscope with autoemission cathode TESCAN MIRA 3 FE, with EDX, WDX a
  • EBSD detectors
  • Laboratory mill MiniCer
  • Atom spectrometer
  • Weight spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma IICP-MS Agilent 7700
  • Single purpose led analyser DMA-80 Tricell
  • Single purpose gas led analysator DMA-80 Tricell
  • RTG Fluorescent spectrometer Spectro Xepos model
  • RTGdifraktometer D8 Advance
  • UV-VIS spektrometer Helios Gamma
  • Infra-red spektrometer- FTIR Tensor 27
  • Portable spectrometer DR 1900 with heat reactor
  • Surface and Pore size analyser Gemini 2360 with accesories
  • Laser analyser Helos and Rados
  • Particle size analyser Nanophox-Photon Cross
  • Particle size, distribution and count analyser Beckman Coulter ® Multisizer IV
  • Thermoanalyser STA 449 F3 Jupiter with weight spectrometer QMS 403 C Aëolos
  • Laboratory tubular kremic furnace for work in different athmospheres with max. temp. 1200 °C
  • Muffle furnace CE-4 (max. temp. 1150 °C)
  • Induction furnace HG 4/3 (max. temp. 1350 °C)
  • High temperature laboratory electrical furnace VP 02/16 (LAC, Czech republic)
  • Bioanalyser for gel electrophoresis on chip sets Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100
  • Electrophoresis for product separation PCR
  • Microbiological indentification system BBL Crystal Bacterial
  • Thermocycler SureCycler 8800 (Agilent)
  • Thermocycler Techne
  • Equipment for respirometric measurements and evaluation
  • Bioreactor- for anaerobic and aerobic bacteria cultivation
  • Laboratory autoclave Tuttnauer
  • Aseptic box Biosan
  • Aseptic box Fatran
  • Kappabridge KLY-2 : magnetic susceptibility measuring device
  • Dielectrical permitivity measurin device MP-1 with HM8135 3GHz HF Synthesizer generator and
  • Spectrum Analyzer HM 5530
  • Laboratory drill and stand of propriatery design, with ability to drill with tools up to 70mm (diameter)
  • with automatic operating and monitoring system for minitoring of mechanical separation of rocks byrotational drilling
  • 4-Channel Dynamometer Kistler for measuring of torque forces while drilling
  • Multichannel singnal enhancer Kistler 5070A for multi-component measurement while drilling
  • Accelerometer with automatic recording system of changes in vibration on drilling stand ADASH 3900-II
  • INSTRON 1000 RD (force up to 5 MN) Press for stiffness and change characteristic measuring
  • Point Load Tester PLT-100, GCTS USA
  • Silverschmidt PC/N, Proceq, Schmidt hammer with EN 12504-2:2012 standart
  • Abrasivity testing device using CERCHAR methodology ErgoTech UK
  • Abrasivity testing device according to ON 441121 norm
  • Abrasivity testing device using LCPC methodology
  • Saws and Sanders for preparation of rock samples
  • Planetary ball mill Pulverisette 7 Premium Line
  • Planetary ball mill Pulverisette 6 Classic Line
  • Laboratory batch mill Attritor Molinex PE/075
  • Freezer Mill SPEX 6870
  • Jaw crusher PS D-160
  • Biomass crusher FDV
  • Vibrational Jaw mill VČM-3
  • Agate vibrational crusher KM-1
  • Universal laboratory mill LP
  • Friction mill
  • Air separator Alpine 100MRZ
  • Vibrational separator TE-lll
  • Gutter sample devider RT 6.5
  • Semi-operation hydrocyclone station
  • High intensity magnetic separator MECHANOBR
  • Low intensity magnetic separator FGS-2
  • Universal laboratory separator JONES
  • Magnetic-hydrostatic separator MHR-1 (separation in Ferrofluid)
  • Magnetic-hydrostatic separator FGS-2 (separation in Ferrofluid)
  • Electrostatic coronic separator STURTEVANT- O.H.
  • Equipment for collection and sampling of suspended particles from air (PM10, PM2,5 TSP) Sampling
  • unites with following add ons (Digitel DH77, Echo High Volume Tecora, Leckel MVS6, Bravo TecoraPM)
  • Microwave generator MWG3K-08
  • Laboraty dryer Ecocell and Venticell
  • Laboratoy vaccum dryer Vacucell
  • Vaccum rotational evaporator INGOS
  • Cooled centrifuge Mikro 200 R
  • Centrifuge Rotina 380 (Hettich) and MPW 310
  • Apparatus for vacuum filtration of atmospheric deposition samples
  • Apparatus for the preparation of deionized and ultra-pure water for analytical purposesElga-PureLab-
  • Option + Elga PureLab-Ultra
  • Mohair weights for density determination of heavy liquids
  • Teslameter Tesla 706509
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer
  • Ultrasonic bath Tesla a Fritsch
  • Water bath LAZNIA LW-4
  • Zetameter Nano ZS


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