Type of services provided

  • scientific-research, educational and expertise
  • activities, covering wide-range processes which include obtaining, processing, utilization and protection of the Earth resources
  • obtaining and processing of solid, liquid and gaseous raw materials
  • geotechnologies and ecotechnologies
  • waste management
  • economics and management of the Earth resources
  • utilization of renewable energy sources
  • land use in the field of tourism, especially geotourism and mining tourism

Research infrastructure/service category

  • “Pilot-plant hall (equipped with effective devices for treatment (e.g. grinding, milling) and separation
    (magnetic, gravity-separation, flotation, etc.) of minerals and waste as secondary raw materials)”
    “Physics laboratory (equipped for various types of separation of rock samples – prepares rock samples for
  • the quantitative determination of selected elements of the “”AAS””, prepares rock samples for X-ray analysis and IR spectrometry, draws up the entire silicate analysis)”
    “Chemical laboratory (facilities for conventional chemical analysis (hood, 2 driers, muffle furnace,
    distillation apparatus, centrifuge, 3 digital analytical balances with a precision of 2 and
    4 tenths,etc.)”
  • “The analytical laboratory (equipped with Atomic absorption spectrometer for the chemical analysis of
    approximately 20 elements (Perkin-Elmer, USA))”
    Surface characterization laboratory (equipped for the measurement of solid surfaces: apparatus for measuring the contact angle, polarizing microscope)
  • Surface chemical analysis laboratory (equipped with a device XPS (X-ray photo-electron spectrometer) for the surface and chemical analysis of particles)
  • Laboratory and research hall of geo-mechanics (used for tensile and compressive tests of rocks and building materials)
  • Laboratory of seismic engineering and blasting works
  • “The multimedia laboratory (identifying objects of tourism and geo-tourism, processing and preparation of the presentation and promotion)”
  • Technical laboratory LTV (equipped for research in renewable energies and storage of the energy)
    “Laboratory of acquisition of earth resources (equipped with technology park model analogous to the real operation and measuring apparatus for
    recording the position of objects in space)”


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